Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Back in Black.

Okay, not in black.. but you get the point (:  It feels good to be on here again! I've really missed talking to everyone! I've made some major tweeks (aka the site looks completely different!) Tell me what you think :)  So.. you may be wondering what I have been doing with my time?!

Spending time with my doggie :)

Rereading the twilight series (for the third time)

And you know what?! It gets better every time.  You may ask why I reread it.. well since new moon is coming out on film.. i wanted to read the series again.  But you know what?! After reading the series through I decided I am not seeing the movie.  I know it will disappoint me, and fail to meet my expectations (just like twilight) and it will just frustrate me! I am so much happier and content with how the story plays out in my head. ( although, i really wish bella hurt jacob when she attacked him...)

and doing dreadful physics

I've also been relaxing.. alot. It feels really good :) It was nice to have some time to myself and relax after my stressful summer!

I've still been enjoying typical food....

Honey Sunshine oats! (i've been eating a lot of oatmeal! it's been super cold here..)

apples ( they are SOO good right now)

Rice dishes!

Well I hope you ladies have a fab day!!!

Question: What is your favorite thing to eat on cold days?  Mine is ovb. oatmeal!


Katey said...

testing testing

Lo said...

you have just inspired me to go reread some eclipse :)

thanks girl, have a wonderful saturday!


Anonymous said...

Mmm.. your rice dish looks so good!

So you'd recommend the Twilight books? I've heard mixed reviews but I've been thinking about it :) Sounds like a good break from your physics work!

Squash soup and faux buffalo "wings" as dippers is my new cold weather favorite :) I swear it's good!

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