Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Manic (tuesday)

Hello ladies! Sorry if I've been a little AWOL! I've been super busy with school stuff! I got accepted to my first college *happy dance*. Haha! Well what have you ladies been up to?  Like I said, its been school, school, school! Oh- and I just got a new job! Its a cute little consignment shop! Its like 9 minutes away from my house (unlike the 45 for delias!).  I am going to love it! And guess what?! My bosses are OBSESSED with twilight (both team edward, of course.) AND WE HAVE A CUTOUT OF EDWARD CULLEN! *swoon* haha, I will be kissing him goodnight every night, :)
I've been eating both NEW and OLD things!
Lets start with the new!
Chicken Fajitas

Pretzels with (melted) cheese

Whole wheat pasta, with chicken, spinach and parmesan sauce!

Breakfast for dinner!

Cinnamon raisin english muffin (:

Chocolate chip ice cream! (with my moo spoon)
hope my eats (or edward) made your mouth water 
have a fab. day!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

lazy saturday :)

That's exactly what this day has been! LAZY! I've been watching true blood episodes! Right now I am watching carrie! It's two here, and I'm still in my pajamas! Crazy, I know! My last day of work is tomorrow, I am so happy :) I am dreading going.. but it's just something I have to do! 
Nothing too new or interesting has happened lately! I find my days boring and repetitive.  I have so much homework.. so thats what 90% of my time off is spent doing. 
Heres what I have been eating lately:
lots of yogurt, peanut butter, and granola!



Homemade Pizza (I was craving it! I don't know why.. I just went with it.)

Lunch Today! (peanut butter sandwich, jello.. you can figure the rest out!)
Its been really nice to take a day off, and relax! I hope you ladies have a wonderful saturday, and the rest of the week! :)

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Beauty Rest

Is EXACTLY what I am craving! :) I want to go to bed and sleep for hoooooours! Anyways! I forgot to tell you, but I did go see The Time Travelers Wife.  I was so-so about it.  The book was amazing.. it even trumps twilight in my opinion.  I understand that it was such a long book, and they had to shorten it for the movie.  I wish they showed more in the movie.  But I was very pleased with the elements they did show! I deff. recommend both the book AND the movie! But read the book first :) 
I have been enjoying a lot of things lately :)
Kashi Pizza

These two created a love-child.

Delicious! With the peanuts, carmel, and chocolate. TO DIE FOR!

and of course- honey sunshine oats :)

I started reading Julie and Julia. And I am sorry to say, I'm slightly disappointed. I am just bored... Haha, I think I'll give it a little more time! 

I feel really good lately about my eating. I have been trying to make it more routine.. I still have like two pounds to go, but it just keeps getting easier!! Thank you all for sticking with me! 

Have a wonderful wednesday!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Fall (:

So I had a little free time today, and I decided to drop a little post :) Its the last "unofficial" day of summer, and I already have on my plaid and fall tones. :) Today is my second to last day at work. I decided to dress up a little cuter today. Here's the dress that I am wearing. 
I haven't decided whether to wear my grey converse, or my brown moccasins. 
I have done a couple new things in the last couple days.
1) I went for a run, It was pathetic at least. I could stay at a constant pace for more than two minutes.  Most if it was spent walking. I know that my cardio is pathetic. I haven't worked out for two months, but over ti me I will be able to run :)
2) I actually ATE greek yogurt.  Now, I've tried FAGE plain. Gross. Chobani Vanilla, ehh. But this time I bought chobani strawberry, I added a little sugar.. And I actually liked it.  Maybe over time I will like the plain, but whoo knows :)
Now, at the cheapest price in my area, these suckers cost 1.50, whereas my dannon is .49.  I think I will give myself an occasional treat of G.Y. :)
Here's what I have been eating..

Breakfast for dinner!

I've never tried this flavor before.  I really really liked it. It tasted like a pastry :) It was very sweet, but not too much. It was the same stats of regular luna bars- but an extra 2g of fiber!
I hope you ladies all have a wonderful labor day. Sadly, Mine will be spent working.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

I DID IT! :)

I quit! It feels so relieving. I have two more shifts that I am committed to working- but after that I. AM. DONE. Now I can focus on scholarship applications, and school work! So much stress has been lifted off of my shoulders!  Anyways, Since I was at the mall anyways today, I decided to stop by Gap to check out some jeans.  Now I have super long legs. Half the time longs are TOO short. I feel as if my jeans don't fit right anymore since I've gained weight. So I decided to treat myself to a nice pair of gap jeans! I got the long&lean ones :) They are super cute! Here are some of my eats lately :)
Natural Ovens Multi grain bagel, LC cheese and yogurt :)
Turkey sandwich w/ a lot of extras :)
Sorry for the poor quality.  My mom and I went out to dinner. I got a turkey and swiss sandwich on marbled rye (my favorite bread!) with some friess! Now, I am savoring every second that I can eat whatever I want, whenever I want!
Haha. how has your ladies weeks been going?!? Other than stress over school and work- my week as been fine! I finished the time travelers wife! It was so good. I was crying so hard when I finished it :( I REALLY recommend it!  I am seeing the movie tomorrow, I will prob. be disappointed.  I am always disappointed in movies that are made after books! Oh well, I'm sure it will be okay!! 
Anyways, have a wonderful holiday weekend!!!!!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Lovin' the weather!

This weather is my favorite! Cool in the morning and night.. but delightful during the day:) I can wear sweaters and not be too hot ! :) Nothing too interesting has happened lately... I am in a dilemma though.  As you all know, I worked a lot over the summer. With going back to school, I have really cut my hours down.  For some reason my boss just doesn't understand this fact. She is constantly scheduling me when I AM NOT AVAILABLE! I am always reminding her also... Im really getting sick and tired of it. Its stressing me out way more than it should! What should I do? Should I quit? Or suck it up?! Im leaning towards quitting....  I have honestly never quit anything in my life. At this point I am really miserable there.. and I don't know If I should suck it up.. grr...
Anyways! On to eats! 
Here's what my typical school lunch is.
The Luna bar/ protein water is my morning snack.  I typically have a snack (Sunchips, cookies, crackers.. etc) A turkey and cheese sandwich, or peanut butter.  I have grapes and carrots.. Chocolate pudding or yogurt. It is usually boring and repetitive.. so I am not going to post it every day :) haha.
Anyways.. my dinner tonight was Chicken Parmesan ala Lean Cuisine
It definitely did not turn out how the picture looked- but it was pretty darn good.  Most of their ingredients I can read, which makes me happy eating it :)
Last night I had a typical dinner for me! "Healthy" chicken fried rice!

Chicken, mixed veggies, seasoning, and brown rice! Can't forget a little bit of butter :)
Luckily tonight I did not have homework. It was nice to relax for a bit :) I hope you ladies have a fabulous rest of the day :)