Monday, September 7, 2009

Fall (:

So I had a little free time today, and I decided to drop a little post :) Its the last "unofficial" day of summer, and I already have on my plaid and fall tones. :) Today is my second to last day at work. I decided to dress up a little cuter today. Here's the dress that I am wearing. 
I haven't decided whether to wear my grey converse, or my brown moccasins. 
I have done a couple new things in the last couple days.
1) I went for a run, It was pathetic at least. I could stay at a constant pace for more than two minutes.  Most if it was spent walking. I know that my cardio is pathetic. I haven't worked out for two months, but over ti me I will be able to run :)
2) I actually ATE greek yogurt.  Now, I've tried FAGE plain. Gross. Chobani Vanilla, ehh. But this time I bought chobani strawberry, I added a little sugar.. And I actually liked it.  Maybe over time I will like the plain, but whoo knows :)
Now, at the cheapest price in my area, these suckers cost 1.50, whereas my dannon is .49.  I think I will give myself an occasional treat of G.Y. :)
Here's what I have been eating..

Breakfast for dinner!

I've never tried this flavor before.  I really really liked it. It tasted like a pastry :) It was very sweet, but not too much. It was the same stats of regular luna bars- but an extra 2g of fiber!
I hope you ladies all have a wonderful labor day. Sadly, Mine will be spent working.


Jenny said...

that dress is faboosh! esp. paired with moccs.. i love!

Brooke said...

CUTE dress! I loooove plaid in the fall.. so fashonista of you! And strawberry chobs is my fav.. I can't eat plain AT ALL! It's too rich and sour!

And we can be blog sistas if you want :)

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