Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Beauty Rest

Is EXACTLY what I am craving! :) I want to go to bed and sleep for hoooooours! Anyways! I forgot to tell you, but I did go see The Time Travelers Wife.  I was so-so about it.  The book was amazing.. it even trumps twilight in my opinion.  I understand that it was such a long book, and they had to shorten it for the movie.  I wish they showed more in the movie.  But I was very pleased with the elements they did show! I deff. recommend both the book AND the movie! But read the book first :) 
I have been enjoying a lot of things lately :)
Kashi Pizza

These two created a love-child.

Delicious! With the peanuts, carmel, and chocolate. TO DIE FOR!

and of course- honey sunshine oats :)

I started reading Julie and Julia. And I am sorry to say, I'm slightly disappointed. I am just bored... Haha, I think I'll give it a little more time! 

I feel really good lately about my eating. I have been trying to make it more routine.. I still have like two pounds to go, but it just keeps getting easier!! Thank you all for sticking with me! 

Have a wonderful wednesday!


Jenny said...

yay for 'nummy eats :) especially when there's chocolate involved!

Janetha said...

haha i dig your love child :) and i want to sleep for years! hope you getcha some.

Sophia said...

Haha, love that you called them love child. Very appropriate name indeed!

Oh, and I tried reading Julie and Julia too, but got SO bored of Julie bitching and moaning abt her terrible life and boring job, blah blah blah. What do you think? Not sure I like Julie that much, though I am a HUGE fan of Julia!

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