Saturday, September 5, 2009

I DID IT! :)

I quit! It feels so relieving. I have two more shifts that I am committed to working- but after that I. AM. DONE. Now I can focus on scholarship applications, and school work! So much stress has been lifted off of my shoulders!  Anyways, Since I was at the mall anyways today, I decided to stop by Gap to check out some jeans.  Now I have super long legs. Half the time longs are TOO short. I feel as if my jeans don't fit right anymore since I've gained weight. So I decided to treat myself to a nice pair of gap jeans! I got the long&lean ones :) They are super cute! Here are some of my eats lately :)
Natural Ovens Multi grain bagel, LC cheese and yogurt :)
Turkey sandwich w/ a lot of extras :)
Sorry for the poor quality.  My mom and I went out to dinner. I got a turkey and swiss sandwich on marbled rye (my favorite bread!) with some friess! Now, I am savoring every second that I can eat whatever I want, whenever I want!
Haha. how has your ladies weeks been going?!? Other than stress over school and work- my week as been fine! I finished the time travelers wife! It was so good. I was crying so hard when I finished it :( I REALLY recommend it!  I am seeing the movie tomorrow, I will prob. be disappointed.  I am always disappointed in movies that are made after books! Oh well, I'm sure it will be okay!! 
Anyways, have a wonderful holiday weekend!!!!!


janetha said...

jealous that you have super long legs.. send some leg my way! ;)

Anonymous said...

Oh- I'm wanting to see the movie- but I think I need to read the book first!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Jenny said...

I can not even tell you how proud I am of you for quitting that job!! I know it was causing you tons of stress so I hope it's a relief for ya!

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