Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Lovin' the weather!

This weather is my favorite! Cool in the morning and night.. but delightful during the day:) I can wear sweaters and not be too hot ! :) Nothing too interesting has happened lately... I am in a dilemma though.  As you all know, I worked a lot over the summer. With going back to school, I have really cut my hours down.  For some reason my boss just doesn't understand this fact. She is constantly scheduling me when I AM NOT AVAILABLE! I am always reminding her also... Im really getting sick and tired of it. Its stressing me out way more than it should! What should I do? Should I quit? Or suck it up?! Im leaning towards quitting....  I have honestly never quit anything in my life. At this point I am really miserable there.. and I don't know If I should suck it up.. grr...
Anyways! On to eats! 
Here's what my typical school lunch is.
The Luna bar/ protein water is my morning snack.  I typically have a snack (Sunchips, cookies, crackers.. etc) A turkey and cheese sandwich, or peanut butter.  I have grapes and carrots.. Chocolate pudding or yogurt. It is usually boring and repetitive.. so I am not going to post it every day :) haha.
Anyways.. my dinner tonight was Chicken Parmesan ala Lean Cuisine
It definitely did not turn out how the picture looked- but it was pretty darn good.  Most of their ingredients I can read, which makes me happy eating it :)
Last night I had a typical dinner for me! "Healthy" chicken fried rice!

Chicken, mixed veggies, seasoning, and brown rice! Can't forget a little bit of butter :)
Luckily tonight I did not have homework. It was nice to relax for a bit :) I hope you ladies have a fabulous rest of the day :)


janetha said...

sorry about the stress with the boss! your chicken and rice mix looks really tasty :)

Jenny said...

Honestly this weather could not be any more beautiful.. absolute perfection!

So sorry to hear about your boss :( I hope it all works out girl!

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