Friday, April 2, 2010

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love you guys <3

Sunday, January 3, 2010

au revoir

Hello ladies! I have done a lot of thinking- and with the coming of the new year, I need a new beginning.  I believe truly, in order for myself to approach food normally, food blogging isn't going to continue to be a positive thing for me.  Now, I know for many of you it is a wonderful asset to your recovery, and I encourage you to continue with it.  But for me, I just have no love for it anymore. I don't really like thinking about blogging, what meals to put together, and taking pictures,  I have just lost my passion, it has become more stressful than an enjoyment. I need some time to pull everything together, and finally adjust to this new way of life. Awhile back I thought about switching over to a new site- I put it together and everything, and one day I will come back.  But this blog, is dunzo (sorry to the laguna reference!).  I know a lot of you find my posts and meals inspirational, and I still want to help you. You can contact me any day, and any time at I still have all of you on google reader, expect many comments from me, because I do love you all!


Thursday, December 31, 2009

new years eve!

Happy New Years Eve! What do you all have planned today?! A friend and I are just laying low- We're going to Noodles&Company for dinner, and then watching movies! I used to be a "party girl" but that just isn't my scene anymore. I'm much more of a homebody! I have to run some errands this morning, but after that it's pj's, popcorn, and hot chocolate!
Last night my mom and I had a change of plans- dinner didn't exactly work out! So I made us turkey hot dogs + Sweet potato fries!

Carbs, protein & fat!

Heated dark chocolate granola cookie! (it was a lot bigger than it looks!)

Same mixture of oats + vanilla granola this time! :)
Its nice- when I wake up like 30 minutes later, there's sunshine for prettier pictures!!

What are your resolutions last year? Last year mine were, workout every day, no dessert and only whole wheat! woww... sad!

2010 Resolutions
-Save money for college
-Don't sweat the small stuff
-Continue rejecting the calorie counting mindset
-Relax in food situations
-Hangout with friends more
-Read every day
-Drink more water
-Slowly weed out artificial sweeteners(stevia is OK) + HFCS
(my dietician said they might be the cause of my headaches)
-Mix up my food, breakfasts especially!

My family is visiting friday + saturday, and we have our traditional dinner @ an italian restaurant. I'm planning to go, and take my new meal plan with me. This is the restaurant I got sick from last year (as mentioned awhile ago. I don't know how I feel about eating pizza again... Maybe a chicken salad, or chicken pasta? Hmm.. I won't take pictures, but i'll let you know! I'll try to post, but if not I'll talk to you all on Sunday!!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

not exactly the best day!

Ughhh.. so today started out just wonderful! I got called into work for an 11-4 shift, (keep in mind it takes about 35 minutes to drive there) and I get there- and an hour later they send me home! gah. such a waste of time!!!!! other than that, I guess my day is okay.

So you all had lovely guesses for my "surprise" gift but.... it is...


Don't mind my shower hair + no makeup! This thing is sooo nice for reading + blogging. It keeps my arms nice and warm, :)

SO I guess you are all wondering about my meal plan.  as I said it is all about "balance".. a balance of different food groups.. Its not a meal plan per say, just a rough guide. At meals I need to have 3 food groups, and 2 groups at a snack!

This is still a staple snack for me! and it counts as "balanced snack" grain + protein/dairy
(it does not need to be measured, because no matter how much granola I add- it's still a grain, you see?)

Pita pizza!!! Crust=grain, Cheese= protein/dairy, Tomato sauce+apple= fruits and veggies (in the "natural vitamin" group...) You see?! Its pretty simple

This shall be called "Caramel latte oatmeal"
Caramel latte biscotti + oats.

What's in my oatmeal? Well, I always used to cook it with water, but to add a 3rd group, I started cooking it with milk. I don't like it as much, but whateverrr.
Sooo.. 1/2 oats, wheat germ, cinnamon, biscotti =Carbs!
Peanut butter= fat/protein
milk= dairy/protein

Peanut butter sandwich (carb + protein/fat)
clemmie (fruit)
cottage cheese (protein/dairy/fat)

its sooo easy! See tonight i'm going out to dinner! I'm planning on ordering a chicken wrap with fries..
Chicken wrap w/ ranch (Carb, protein, fat)
oven baked fries (Carb, fat)
although I know its higher in calories, nutritional wise it is "balanced" which right now, is all that matters. :)

Have a wonderful day!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Hey girls! Thank you so much for all of the support! Sorry I didn't post last night, I got called into work at the last minute and I was exhausted when I got home!! Anyways, my appointment went well today! My new dietician gave me a great, unstructured food plan! Ovb. no calorie counting here! I just need to find "balance" of healthy whole foods! :)  It seems like everything will go well, its pretty much what I was already doing, but just a little more! :) Alrighttt, well Im going to go relax and watch some TV! Byee loves <3

Monday, December 28, 2009


As many of you might already know, a few weeks ago I talked about gaining weight. I did gain those last few pounds (they were probably all chocolate! haha..) But reaching my "goal weight" started a whole new problem. I have been struggling. No, I haven't lost weight. I have had a completely different struggle all in its own. Ever since my problems started, I was a avid calorie counter. After I saw a Dietician I counted food groups.  Sadly, I have reverted back to calorie counting.  The number I have stayed at is a number to maintain my current weight. I have met that "goal" every day. The thing is, I don't want to have a "goal", I don't want to plan meals, I don't want it to be something to stress over.  Eating should be natural and enjoyed.  When did I loose this? I am happy with my weight and everything, but I think the whole reason behind counting is that I dont wait to GAIN or LOOSE weight.  How can I trust my mind, and my body to know what is right? I don't know what "normal eating" is.  Because of this, I have been searching for a different dietician to see.  I have an appointment tomorrow. I think this would be the answers to all my problems.  Someone who knows that they are talking about.  The funny thing is, my new dietician is a guy! I never thought that would happen. But in my opinion, I think a guy would be a lot more upfront and helpful (no offense to us girls), but I've always preferred male doctors!

WHEW! I had to get that off my chest.

So what have you all been eating? My family has been stuck with a million leftovers! As I mentioned before, when my grandma cooked beef, I brought chicken! I don't like to eat a lot of meat in one sitting (it still kinda gives me the creeps) so I have enough chicken for about a week! Last night I wanted to try something different!

I had a sandwich like this in a restaurant, and I loved it! I got 2 slices of bread. 4 OZ (cooked) chicken, Tomato sauce, and 1 OZ cheese! I just broiled it in the oven for a few minutes, and it was gooood to go!

and of course, I always start my days with oatmeal! I don't know what I'll do in the summer!

can you see the difference between fake and natural lighting?

I still haven't shown you guys a couple of my presents! Can you guess what they are? I'll *use* one later tonight!

have an amazing monday!

Saturday, December 26, 2009


So I have a few hours before I drag my butt to work.. (:
No food pictures for you all.. but I do have some christmas presents!!! :)

A yoga mat!!! I've been doing yoga without one, and hopefully it will be a lot easier now! :)

My mom knows me tooo well. A new coffee mug, :) it was filled with peppermint bark!!!

A Vera Bradley purse!!!

A Vera Bradley school bag!!

A Vera Bradley lanyard and id holder.  Do you see a slight pattern/obsession here?

BOOOKS!!!!!!!!!! I love reading! These will keep me busy for like a month? JK JK

One tree hill SEASON SIX, and The OC Season 1!

I also have an obsession with Lucas Scott.... :)

I also got a lot of gift cards!!!! :)
I also have a few tricks up my sleeve (AKA non-pictured presents!) I promise to give you a little laugh when I get back!

I have to work from 12 UNTIL 8 today! Hopefully I won't kill annoying customers!

Christmas went a tad bit better than what I expected, although the food did cause me a lot of stress. We had a brunch planned at 11, but I woke up at 7.. and I couldn't wait to eat. I had a typical oatmeal bowl.. and we trudged off to my grandmas! We had a huge brunch,  I wasn't too hungry, but I ate anyways. Everyone had massive breakfasts while I only had 2 mini bagels, fruit salad, scrambled eggs ( I don't like breakfast meats) and therefore noone else was hungry all day.. but I like to eat ever 3 hours or so, and my grandma had basically NOTHING I could eat. but whatever, I made it through and ate a lot when I got home!  Hope everyone else made it through yesterday! have a fabulous weekend. I'll be back on monday!