Saturday, December 26, 2009


So I have a few hours before I drag my butt to work.. (:
No food pictures for you all.. but I do have some christmas presents!!! :)

A yoga mat!!! I've been doing yoga without one, and hopefully it will be a lot easier now! :)

My mom knows me tooo well. A new coffee mug, :) it was filled with peppermint bark!!!

A Vera Bradley purse!!!

A Vera Bradley school bag!!

A Vera Bradley lanyard and id holder.  Do you see a slight pattern/obsession here?

BOOOKS!!!!!!!!!! I love reading! These will keep me busy for like a month? JK JK

One tree hill SEASON SIX, and The OC Season 1!

I also have an obsession with Lucas Scott.... :)

I also got a lot of gift cards!!!! :)
I also have a few tricks up my sleeve (AKA non-pictured presents!) I promise to give you a little laugh when I get back!

I have to work from 12 UNTIL 8 today! Hopefully I won't kill annoying customers!

Christmas went a tad bit better than what I expected, although the food did cause me a lot of stress. We had a brunch planned at 11, but I woke up at 7.. and I couldn't wait to eat. I had a typical oatmeal bowl.. and we trudged off to my grandmas! We had a huge brunch,  I wasn't too hungry, but I ate anyways. Everyone had massive breakfasts while I only had 2 mini bagels, fruit salad, scrambled eggs ( I don't like breakfast meats) and therefore noone else was hungry all day.. but I like to eat ever 3 hours or so, and my grandma had basically NOTHING I could eat. but whatever, I made it through and ate a lot when I got home!  Hope everyone else made it through yesterday! have a fabulous weekend. I'll be back on monday!


Jenny said...

oh honey, If I had season six of OTH I swear, I would never leave me house. Lucassss <3

great work coping with the food and such yesterday, girl! Have a great day at work!

Anonymous said...

I love Lucas Scott!! Bummer about the food situation yesterday, glad you survived and got to enjoy your food later on at home. Wow that's a lot of Jodi Picoult books, i love those!

Anonymous said...

ahh wonderful presents dear! that yoga mat rocks!!
hope work goes well :)

Anonymous said...

Look at all those books! I haven't read anything by Jodi Picoult but I've heard her books are great.

The OC.. I miss it. :(

Anonymous said...

im glad you were able to make it through!! that is awesome :) sounds like you did great. & love all your giftss


Devan Geselle said...

Wonderful gifts :)

i hate it when eating/scheduals mess up. its upsetting. But we can all work through it )

Anonymous said...

Wow, such great gifts! I love all those books - Jodi Picoult is amazing :)

And well done on handling the difficult food situation. A change from the routine is hard, but a good challenge.

Hannah xo

Tricia said...

What great gifts!

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