Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas (eve) !

This is so crazy! its the first year that it doesn't feel like Christmas! I just got out of school on TUESDAY! I normally get out like a week before.. I am stressing out a bit from the holidays- most likely along with most of you.  My (extended) family and I don't exactly see eye-to-eye. I am literally everything they are not. I have one of the most liberal/democratic person you will ever meet. While my extended family are very, very, republican.  They hunt, and I hate the idea of eating meat (even though I have to now.), they support the war and send money to the government, and I've gone to anti-war rallies.  Obviously I care about them because they are family- they just are very hurtful sometimes.  My grandma gets upset when I bring my own food to their dinners. They are making this beef thing, and I don't eat red meat- and therefore I am bringing chicken. But that's not okay with her, she gets offended because I won't eat her food. ANYWAYS- on a lighter note, my breakfast yesterday was verrry typical.

Oatmeal, PB, Cereal bar..


Turkey sandwich, Pretzels, String Cheese, Clemmie, Peppermint bark!


2 OZ WW pasta, tomato sauce, 1 OZ cheese. + a zillion of unpictured garlic bread!


AT LEAST 5 of these babies! sooo good.

My snacks went unpictured, just think normal:  bars, yogurt + granola...

Well I'm off to get things ready for christmas eve! Since its the holidays, I am working BOTH saturday + sunday, the earliest I'll be back is most likely next monday.. but I'll try to post soon! also, I won't be taking pictures of "family" dinners/ breakfasts, they'll think I am crazy when I whip out my camera, :) hahaa

Have a wonderful holiday, enjoy it, and have fun with your families!


Anonymous said...

mm delish eats girl!
i totally feel you on the family thing, its hard but sometimes we just have to suck it up and smile, and don't let your grandma make you feel bad for the chicken, you're just fulfilling your needs :)
merry christmas eve!!

Anonymous said...

peppermint bark = amazing.
& im sorry you dont see eye to eye with your family :( hopefully you can still enjoy yourself!! happy holidayys


Anonymous said...

mmm creme de menthe! so good! i feel ya on the family issue, some of my relatives are the most die-hard conservatives i know...but they're family, gotta love em anyway right? have a great holiday!

Jenny said...

aw - try not to focus on the family drama and just embrace the holiday season, girl. (easier said than done, trust me.. I know). As far as the food thing is concerned, focus on you. You know that your doing trying to "be rude" -- sometimes we have to put ourselves first and make ourselves as comfortable as possible, and thats ok! Don't sweat, honey!

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about your family... I can relate all too well to having dysfunction come around during the holidays. Try not to stress too much, you can't control the actions of others and I'm sure they don't mean to upset you.

Have a wonderful holiday - you deserve the best in this world :)


Thanks so much for the advice, I truly mean it. You are AMAZING... :) Hopefully it will be easier if I limit my fiber intake... I just looooove veggies :P

Eleanor said...

This time of year is a time to celebrate equality - accepting everyone for who they are. The time of year where everyone gets together, despite differences, and shares love. I hope that this is what your Christmas will bring you, because you deserve the happiness, love and togetherness that the meaning of Christmas is truly about.

Although you and your family may have different morals, you are family, nonetheless.
And if that doesn't fall into place, accept YOU for YOU. You are beautiful, bright and an amazing girl, and you deserve the best of everything.

Merry Christmas to you.

Eleanor. xo

Anonymous said...

My grandma (and the rest of the extended family) is the exact same way. They seek think that my veganism is some sort of freakish teenage stage. They're also certain that I'll grow out of it. All I can do is force a smile and ignore.

I hope you have a fantastic Christmas!! Your little chocolates look yummy.. I had a couple today too. :P

Maya said...

love ur blog :) love mint+chocolate my favorite!! :)

and i can relate to ur family situation, although my mom and dad and close family are democratic etc..and against the war, very extended family are quite different...and my mom and her parents fight over there different beliefs.
hope ur xmas is wonderful!!! :)


Nutritious is Delicious said...

Lovin' all of the candy goodness...I've been indulging as well! Tis the season! :D Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

aww thanks so much for your sweet comment girlie :D

im sorry to hear that its rough going to your families but I hope you are enjoying your christmas regardless!

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