Wednesday, December 9, 2009

School! I deff. had school today, which was a MAJOR disappointment. I live right near Lake Michigan so all we got was sleet.. instead of snow!
I bet some of you are wondering what I am doing, based on what I mentioned here. I decided that I am going to get my BMI past the 18.5 benchmark. I am aiming for around 19-19.5. I am going to take this SLOWLY. Therefore I am not going to overstuff myself and be completely uncomfortable as happened in the past.  I wanted to remind all you that I am considered to have a healthy weight. But in my mind, I'd rather be over the benchmark than right at it. So, how exactly am I doing this?  When I originally met with my nutritionist she had me counting food groups. I liked the plan of eating healthy foods- just MORE of them, you know? So here's how it will go. I will eat my normal meals, but add more nutritious things to it (fats, proteins, carbs) so therefore, no counting calories. I already have a "treat" every day, but I will be eating a lot more dark chocolate daily- healthy fats & antioxidants. And you can't forget holiday cookies! ;)
So what was my dinner last night?

Whole wheat english muffins, broiled with tomatoes and cheese (2 OZ rather than 1), Alexia Fries, Un-pictured apple and milk(2%, fat, protein).  For maintenance I normally had to have one dairy at every meal, but I will be having 2 at most meals.

Dinner tonight:

2 oz WW Shell pasta, Marinara, 1 OZ cheese

HUGE APPLE! (my fav.)

And I've been digging into the cookie stash....

I already ate his nose, and a choco chip fell off! :( He was very delicious.
I will be having milk and cookies while watching LIFEEETIME!

Did anyone have a snow day today?!
....and what is your favorite type of holiday cookie?

I like the cookies pictured above, I love sugar cookies, chocolate chip, gingerbread, my nana makes AMAZING cinnamon sugar cookies- in the shape of snowflakes!!!


Anonymous said...

i love love your attitude so much!
quick question how did you find your nutritionist/dietitian? i'm thinking i may want to find me one, but i'm not sure how to approach it. let alone convince my mother it is a good idea.
no snow day for me, i just got brutally attacked by wind while walking to class, bahh!
happy wednesday :)

Anonymous said...

love your positive attitude!! keep up the great work and the determination girl!! that cookie LOOKS GOOD! my fav is anything w. chocolate and peppermint..and today it was 70 deg here!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for commenting on my blog ;) I honestly don't know if I am strong enough to get away from the calorie couning for now, but I really love the idea of counting food groups; it seems much less stressful!

I love your blog, and look forward to adding it to my morning reading list :P Congrats on choosing to go past your minimum healthy weight! That must have taken a lot of courage and I admire your positive energy.


Jill said...

That cookie is too freaking cute!!

My favorite holiday cookie EVER is the PB ones with the hershey kiss in the middle, to die for!!

Speaking of, I need to investigate a healthier version of that cookie STAT

And if it makes you feel better you never get snow days in college!!

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