Tuesday, December 15, 2009


I've definitely been feeling sluggish these past two days.  Its the last week of high school (forever!) for me, and I just can't seem to make it! I can't concentrate, I don't feel like studying for finals, I just want to sit around and read! Not. good. I kept my grades up so high this semester, then even if I didn't take the final AT ALL I'd still pass. but of course, not with an A. Im sure this weekend i'll buckle down and really study.... but I just don't know :/ I'm ready to be doneee!
Also- major bummer! None of my shows are on!!! I feel so lost without them! crazy, right?
Soooo... what have I been eating?

Breakfast for dinner on sunday! (scrambled eggs w/ BROC and cheese) PB toast and an orange!
Lotss of sweets...

I see that eating high calorie sweets is the easiest way to gain weight.. but honestly.. I am all sugared out! I guess I was just meant to eat healthy.. my tummy rejects uber sweetness now :( That's alright. Dark chocolate and peanut butter NEVER fail me, :)
Sooo.. what did I eat for dessert tonight? Well, I wanted something STABLE and not too sugary so my tummy will go to sleep happy :)

APPLE PB SANDWICHES! Theres two in the other corner (unpictured) so this is easy as pie... just slather 2 TBSP on a large apple, and eat up!

Posting might be a bit sporadic this week. I really have to study; as much as I don't want too, I must.
Have a lovely night!


Anonymous said...

yay for enjoying sweets :) try to stay focused.. you are so close!!


Anonymous said...

mm pb & apple sandwiches delicious! ah i have the sluggish bug too, but you know what tomorrow is wednesday which means the week is almost over :)
good luck studying!!

daintyvegan said...

Good luck studying! It's a pain having to get into the studying mood and to be honest.. I never really did. Haha.. not good but I was never a fan of school. It's weird though, I decided to take a year off and now I am dying to go to college/uni! Next September can't come soon enough. :(

How come you'll be done high school in December? I would've loved that. :P

Anonymous said...

Congrats on your last week of high school FOREVER! Unfortunately I go back for 3 more weeks after the holidays. Ick!

Your pb & apple sammy's look great - I know what you mean about the sugar... sometimes all I want is something incredibly natural instead.


janetha said...

hooray for BFD! it is the best!

Anonymous said...

hey hun! just saw your comment on my blog about eating at school. i dont know what school you are going at, but at mine, the cafeteria has like a billion choices! It is really nice. I do usually eat in the cafteria, though sometimes taking it to go is easier. my boyfriend goes here, so we can make trips to the grocery store on occasion. when we do, i stock up on greek yogurt, certain cereals, & bars. othe rhten that, i eat at the caf! they have a great salad/sandwich bar, and online they even list nutritional information for the main dishes so i am never worried about eating them. also, they have plain instnat oatmeal packets so i use those! you will definitely be able to eat healthily in college.. i think a lot of campuses are becoming more aware of the importance of healthy eating. i mean, the french fries really aren't all THAT tempting :) if u have any other questions, feel free to ask!


Jenny said...

ugh I have been dying without my normal Trash TV line up!

and I totally feel ya, girl! I mentally "checked out" of school the day after Thanksgiving. Hang in there!!

Tara said...

Congrat on your last week!! Personally I still have another semester to bare!
You can do it, ust focus this weekend and remember how worth it it will be come break when you are officially done with GREAT grade!!
Happy Friday! <3

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