Wednesday, December 30, 2009

not exactly the best day!

Ughhh.. so today started out just wonderful! I got called into work for an 11-4 shift, (keep in mind it takes about 35 minutes to drive there) and I get there- and an hour later they send me home! gah. such a waste of time!!!!! other than that, I guess my day is okay.

So you all had lovely guesses for my "surprise" gift but.... it is...


Don't mind my shower hair + no makeup! This thing is sooo nice for reading + blogging. It keeps my arms nice and warm, :)

SO I guess you are all wondering about my meal plan.  as I said it is all about "balance".. a balance of different food groups.. Its not a meal plan per say, just a rough guide. At meals I need to have 3 food groups, and 2 groups at a snack!

This is still a staple snack for me! and it counts as "balanced snack" grain + protein/dairy
(it does not need to be measured, because no matter how much granola I add- it's still a grain, you see?)

Pita pizza!!! Crust=grain, Cheese= protein/dairy, Tomato sauce+apple= fruits and veggies (in the "natural vitamin" group...) You see?! Its pretty simple

This shall be called "Caramel latte oatmeal"
Caramel latte biscotti + oats.

What's in my oatmeal? Well, I always used to cook it with water, but to add a 3rd group, I started cooking it with milk. I don't like it as much, but whateverrr.
Sooo.. 1/2 oats, wheat germ, cinnamon, biscotti =Carbs!
Peanut butter= fat/protein
milk= dairy/protein

Peanut butter sandwich (carb + protein/fat)
clemmie (fruit)
cottage cheese (protein/dairy/fat)

its sooo easy! See tonight i'm going out to dinner! I'm planning on ordering a chicken wrap with fries..
Chicken wrap w/ ranch (Carb, protein, fat)
oven baked fries (Carb, fat)
although I know its higher in calories, nutritional wise it is "balanced" which right now, is all that matters. :)

Have a wonderful day!


Jenny said...

ugh, when I worked at the golf course over the summer I used to go in all the time and right when I got there my boss would tell me I could leave. Such a pain!

You are rockin' that meal plan girl - so proud of you!!! xoxo

Anonymous said...

ah bummer about work, at least you get some money out of it.
loving the meal plan, simple and balanced :)
happy hump day! xoxo

Eleanor said...

That Snuggie is so cute - but you're the one that makes it look cute. ;)
I'm so glad to hear your meal plan is working for you! It sounds amazing - nutritionally balanced rather than "X amount of calories".

I'm so proud of you, and so motivated by you!
Keep up the amazing work, Katey. You've done yourself proud.

Eleanor. xo

Anonymous said...

SNUGGIE!! You're doing fabulously, I'm proud of you!

Anonymous said...

you are sUCH a freakin inspiration you have no idea!! my meal plan is simliar (no calories, just exchanges) & it is very flexible. you are doing great- im realllly proud of you!

& that is super annoying about work!


ps- cute snuggie!!!

Anonymous said...

Pink snuggie!? Never would've guessed.. definitely more interesting than what I had in mind. :p

It's great that you're happier with this "meal plan" than what you were doing before. I may give this a go (instead of counting calories.. scary not to!) if you find that you still like it better.

Definitely looks better than calorie counting..

Happy New Year. :)

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