Thursday, December 10, 2009


BRR! It was FRIGID here today. Think like -15 windchills :( I was definitely bundled up today! hahaha. So you might wonder why I never post my breakfast? I have basically the same thing ever single day...

1/2 cup oatmeal, cinnamon, 1 TBSP peanut butter or homemade almond butter. I usually use toppings of a) Granola pictured today b) cereal bar c) honey sunshine d) bran vitamuffin.
I don't like eating cold cereal during the winter! I like something hot to warm me up!! :)
My after school snack is normally the same thing, too.

yogurt with quaker granola
If I mix it up I normally show you, :)
dinner tonight we had CHICKEN FAJITAS. Yesssss... chicken cooked with onions, red and green peppers!

With cheese and an apple (and unpictured glass of m-i-l-k)
What is my cookie of choice tonight?!

Just like the snowman one, but with sprinkles!
I am TOTALLY in the holiday spirit! I just wish it would be a TAD bit warmer!! :D
I'm off to do some studying, watch csi, take a bath (does anyone else take a bath anymore? I love them!) and go to bed!

Do you normally eat the same breakfasts every day? or mix it up?!


Anonymous said...

oh katey katey katey i cannot thank you enough :)
(ps-my mom does know what i'm going through, she actually reads my blog, she just doesn't really understand the need for a nutritionist since i know all about nutritionals, etc.)
breakfast for me stays pretty standard (oats), but sometimes when i'm feeling crazy i'll mix it up with some toast or waffles :)
and omg it is so unbelievably cold here too! i was so happy when it made its way up to 20 degrees!!
have a wonderful night dear!!

Anonymous said...

CHICKEN FAJITAS!! that sounds so goooooooood! girl, is that a Dannon Light n Fit ? hahah you sneaky!!! i love shame!! i love to freeze mine. I usually have either pumpkin oats or chocolate oats every am..and switch up the nut buttas!

Anonymous said...

I have oats pretty much every morning too.. but I am working on changing up what I add in. How can you stray away from oats when is is soooo cold outside!?
I am intrigued by the idea of adding a cereal bar though...

Love the festive cookie ;) Mucho holiday sprinkles !


Nutritious is Delicious said...

I eat whatever may be in my dorm at the's always a mystery!

That cookie looks goo-ood!

Come Wednesday, I will totalllly be in the holiday spirit too! :D just have a few pesky finals clouding my mind until then...

Tara said...

My breakfast lacks variety as well, kashi cereal, soy milk, almonds and a serving of fruit!
Im baking cookies today as well, I love the holidays, makes winter more bearable, im not one with the cold either! =D Have a nice weekend! <3

daintyvegan said...

I usually fall into the habit of eating the same thing every day but after I realized how boring that was, I'm trying harder to vary it up. Yesterday was oatmeal with apple chunks and cinnamon, today was a piece of toast with jam and then an apple. Yes, it's not exciting but at least it's different! :P

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