Friday, December 4, 2009

Christmas Vacation.

If only... I've got two more weeks, and then I AM DONE! I cannot wait. I just have to get finished with papers, tests, and finals. Breathe in, Breathe out.  I was super busy last night. I had 2 tests to study for, and a paper to write! I am sorry for being AWOL.  I have been eating well though, of course.  Intense studying calls for amazing snacks to keep me sane!!!
Yesterday morning I started with something different ( I know, no oatmeal) In the cold/winter I always crave hot foods.. so cereal doesn't cut it.

Thomas whole wheat bagel, with peanut butter, of course!
I looove these bagel's! Its hard to find whole wheat new york style bagels (my favorite!!!)
I've been eating decent snacks, too.. :

Cottage Cheese w/ Jewel brand Honey Wheat pretzels!

When it gets cold outside, I CRAVE mac and cheese! Last night I had a mad craving for some.. but we had NOTHING not even a kraft box!!! so I created my own!

2 oz pasta shape of choice (i chose spiral.. my fav.)
2 LC cheese wedges
1/8 cup of milk.

Easiest and healthiest mac and cheese of my life!
Basically you cook the noodles. While the noodles are cooking, mush up the 2 wedges in a microwave safe bowl.. add the milk to the mixture, stir a little and micro for 30 secs. (you might hear popping, that's normal) and voila! you have a cheese sauce.  After the pasta is cooked and drained, add the sauce to the noodles and there's your dinner!

I used the regular LC not the light.  If you use the light you might have to microwave longer, because its harder to melt cheese with less fat!!!!
Another craving I have during cold weather is pancakes!!!!

I used Hungry Man wheat pancakes. I added cinnamon and DOUSED them in SF maple syrup! yummmmmm :) I love winter, it has the best food!

Well, I am off to go relax, read a book and GO TO SLEEP EARLY! have a lovely weekend!!!


Anonymous said...

ahh i wish i could go to sleep early..its already 1 am!! i LOVE your easy mac and cheese-such a great college meal too!

Jenny said...

I swear I used to LIVE on annie's mac and cheese when I was dorming at school last semester-- ultimate comfort food!

here's to the next two weeks flying by!

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