Saturday, December 12, 2009


Aaaah :) I am soo happy that it is Saturday! This past week went by so slow! :( So you know how I mentioned that I ALWAYS eat the same breakfast?! Well, on Friday I mixed it up a bit!

WW english muffin, 1 TBSP peanut butter, yogurt + granola (you can't see it!)
It was good when I ate it.. but it did not keep me full AT ALL! I was so surprised! I used to eat this allll the time over the summer, but oatmeal is so much more filling!
I had to work last night, and I had pancakes for dinner! (sorry no pic, I was so hungry I forgot!)

This morning I had to volunteer at  "breakfast with santa" so they had eggs and toast there! I had a slice of toast with jam, and some eggs! I was STARVED when I got home, so I made a nice lunch!

WW Bread, turkey mayo + cheese PANINI! Kashi cheddar crackers! and string cheese :)  I DID NOT get this string cheese because it is "weight watchers" I got it because I had a 2 dollar off coupon. It has the same stats as the other one I get, just a diff. name :)

After lunch we ran to the grocery store, I was low on lots of stuff!! afterwards I had a typical snack :

This time I added H2H, you can't see it.. BUT ITS IN THERE :) and I had 1/2 of a english muffin- I was hungryyyy!

Tonight I am off to a friends house for her birthday. She's ordering pizza (not my favorite) so I'll have a mini dinner before, and have a piece or two once I get there :)

Have an AMAZING weekend!!!!!


Janetha said...

have fun with your birthday friend!!

Jenny said...

Happy weekend, love :) have a great night with your friends!

Anonymous said...

ee hope you're having a wonderful weekend dear! oh how i miss panini's, may be the first thing i make when i get home :)

Anonymous said...

have a great night with your friend girl!! love that panini :)

Carly in Wonderland said...

light n fit yogurt is amazing! When I am home I always cut up and apple into little pieces and poor cheery light n fit over it. so good!

Anonymous said...

hope you are hvaing/had a great night. & that panini looks so deliciouss


Anonymous said...

The English muffin looks delish =) But I agree with you on the oats.. nothing fills me up quite like they do!


Devan Geselle said...

Awe Breakfast with Santa sounds rad :)

That journal on your header, I TOTALLY have that one :D
its actually my day planner. but the exact same book :) woohoo;) good taste!

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