Sunday, December 6, 2009


I have only been eating HOT food's lately. I am not ready for winter! It was such an unwelcomed surprise for my body. I have been freeeezing ever since the temp went below 30!!  Yesterday for lunch I had a grilled cheese (on the sandwich maker) and tomato soup!

Later in the afternoon my mom and I went to the mall! We needed to return some less than stellar black friday buys, and I needed new jeans.  Ever since I gained weight, I never bought new jeans! I just made the most out of what I had.. (when I lost weight I never really bought new jeans then either) but I was in desperate need of better fitting jeans. And I found them!! They fit awesome, and it makes me feel so much better :) We ate in the food court..
Have you ever tried subway's flatbread sandwiches?! They are SOO good.

I got it toasted with turkey, cheese, lettuce and green peppers!

and I ate half of my mom's steak fries! (sooo good....)

I've just been relaxing today nothing much to do.. and its nice to have time to yourself! I am running to Plato's closet with a friend later to sell my old jeans. I hope you ladies have a fabulous day!

If and of you gals gained weight (or lost it!) how long did you wait to treat yourself to new jeans?


Emily said...

thanks for the comment on my blog!

I know what you mean about warm food - this wintery weather is chilly willy :)

have a good day!

Jenny said...

haha girl I swear I have been living on oats and hot soup as of late. Curse you jack frost!

once I started gaining weight I fortunately still had old jeans that fit me -- but now that i'm at maintenance i've treated myself to a few new pairs. It's great incentive to continue on my healthy route!

Anonymous said...

ahh i remember the jean thing!! ive treated myself to some new pairs.. if they get a little loose then i know i need to gain a pound or two..keeps me in line!! its a GREAT thing tho .. to get new jeans! i totally feel you on the HOT food things!

Devan Geselle said...

i love your blog!!

campbells tomato soup is such a comfort food for me :) yum!

Anonymous said...

ee thanks for stopping by my bloggg!!
mm it is all about hot food right now, wayy to cold outside.
ah i've bought one new pair of jeans, but it tends to trigger me at the moment so i'm just wearing what i've got right now.
love the sandwich maker press thing! its just oh so simple :)
happy monday!!

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