Tuesday, December 22, 2009

I survived!!!!

Yes, although I am physically and mentally drained; I survived.  4/6 Final grades have been posted, and I have gotten all A's so far.   I spent so much time studying, and it really paid off!! I'm so excited for the road ahead of me. College! I've ordered my books for next semester ( a SERIOUS dent in my wallet..) and I'll be working like a crazy person! Think Saturday 12-8, Sunday 1-6... and it just goes on! But you know what? I'm not complaining. I have a job! weeellll..
here's my BREAKFAST(one of the last couple days):

Yes, I STILL am eating Honey Sunshine oats, and NO it NEVER gets old :)

Yogurt + Granola

Yogurt + crushed Nature Valley bar

Lunchh yesterday!:

Kashi Crackers, PB sandwich, clemmie, and cottage cheese! :)


PB english muffin + eggs&cheese

Pita Pizza + Apple


Pepperidge Farm Granola Cookies!

MMM. These cookies have HUGE chunks of dark chocolate. (from my taste, maybe like 60%?) They are good.. the flavors really complement themselves! I love to eat them plain, crush them in yogurt, or put in oats! I HIGHLY recommend these. They are suuuuper good. A 9/10!

I am off to watch remember the titans! have a awesome night, :)


Emily said...

congrats on the A's :)

your eats look yummy!


p.s. I didn't take a picture of that bar wall, but I do have access to one. Wegmans, a new grocery store that just opened in my town, has that kind of a selection. It is heaven!

Anonymous said...

All A's?? That's awesome! Congrats. :) So you'll be starting college in January? I wish I could start pronto but I have to wait until September.. darn money. What courses will you be taking?

(I like your lunch! PB sandwiches rock my world and will never, ever stop tasting like deliciousness.)

Anonymous said...

Lol your dog is sooo hoping you drop that cookie! Staring up at you with those longing eyes. Congrats on being done with school and doing awesome! I love remember the titans..esp the singing part!

Tara said...

YAY!! Congrats you made it FREEDOM!!! So true AT LEAST you HAve a job! your eats look really yummy! <3

Anonymous said...

yayy you're done!!! congrats on the grades girl, you're right your hard work paid off :)
mmm delish eats as well!!
happy holidays!

Jenny said...

aw so proud of you, girl! I know the last few days were PAINFUL but you did it! Sweet sweet relief :)

Anonymous said...

Hey, I've just found your blog :)

Congrats on your As! I hope you feel proud of yourself. And your eats look yummy, especially the yogurt/granolar combo and that cookie! Oh and your doggie is too cute peaking through in that photo :)

Hannah xo

Anonymous said...

Yay! I am thrilled to see that you are back to the blogging world :P and even more thrilled to hear that you got such amazing marks! It must be all that delicious brain food, yes?

I have never put cereal in my oats before :/ .. wouldn't it get soggy? Regardless they look scrumptious!


ps.. thanks again for the support. I couldn't be doing this without your influence, and I appreciate all the info ;)

janetha said...

love the doggy photo :)


Anonymous said...

congrats on the amazing grades :-D and your eats are deliciouss

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