Sunday, December 13, 2009

pizza, :)

Last year on new years day I went to pizza hut with my mom. I was a vegetarian at the time, so I ordered a cheese pizza.  I woke the next morning with food poisoning!  Disgusting, I was throwing up all day.  I haven't eaten pizza out since. I think a I used my "sickness" as an excuse to not eat pizza at all.. (except homemade and frozen...) So last night, at my friends party.. I stepped out of my comfort zone and had a couple slices of cheeese pizza! and guess what? I survived. :)
This morning I ate my typical oatmeal bowl. (no picture, you must get bored of the same thing!)
but I did have something newww!

a cutie clementine

I loooove oranges, but I am so bad at peeling them!! These clementines were so easy to peel, and tasted ALMOST like a orange! :)
My morning snack consisted of chocolate, yes chocolate! I don't care if it's 10 in the morning or 10 at night, there is ALWAYS time for chocolate :)

"LU" dark chocolate biscuits (I had 2 + yogurt) soooo good! :)
Lunch today consisted of chicken salad (made with laughing cow) in a WW Pita w/ a serving of wheat thins and a string cheese :)

yumm! with celery, of course :)

I had A LOT of review packets to do today, so I basically sat on the couch ALL day, listening to music and eating sunchips :)

Im watching Degrassi right now :) I loved the old shows so much better! but the new characters are just alright.. :/
I also have a question for you all! What granola do you use?! I have been eating my Quaker. I am almost out. I don't like it that much, so I wont buy it again! My fav. is Cascadian Farm cinnamon raisin (but I take the raisins out.. totally defeats the purpose!)  I like natures path peanut butter A LOT, but I want to try something new! has anyone tried their pumpkin flax, or agave plus?!? or what other brands do you recommend?


Janetha said...

i hate it when food poisoning turns me off from foods!

i dont realy ever eat granola but i like nature's path!

Jenny said...

aw you go girl! hope you enjoyed every last bite of that pizza pie :)

I am a huge fan of barenaked banana but granola -- it's to.die.for!

enjoy your night, honey!

Anonymous said...

oh my gosh I LOVE DEGRASSI!!! hahahah im so glad you like it too! the acting is totally cheesy tho!!

GO YOU FOR THE PIZZAAA!! so totally awesome girlfrand, i hope you enjoyed it to the fullest

Anonymous said...

my favorite granola is definitely sunflower and pumpkin seed--back to nature :) its fab!
major props on the pizza dear!
hope you have a wonderful night!!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the pizza with your friends ! Fear foods are always so tough to follow through with.

I wish I could be watching degrassi, :P I still don't have cable (new house..) !

No advice from me on the granola I'm afraid... I don't think I have ever really had it because I always use cereal. I should definitely get on the granola train though because everyone seems to love it.


Anonymous said...

that chocolate looks really good.. & degrassi is one of my favss even though i dont watch it anymore! that's awesome that u ate the pizza.


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