Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Super Quickk

Hey ladies!! I don't have much time for an update today, I have lotsss of homework! There is something I want to talk about! Last month I started "intuitive eating", you can read about it here.  I read the book in its entirety, and tried to apply everything at once. That was a little too much.. I've been doing pretty well, but I decided that baby steps are best.  This week I am working on Principal 1. (keep in mind, I am NOT using this program as a aid to weight loss, I want to maintain my weight, if not gain a little. I'm using it as an approach to a healthier relationship with food)  Before I met with a nutritionist, I was counting calories like CRAZY. While seeing the nutritionist she had me counting carb points and food groups.  Now I am at a healthy weight, and have been for a couple months now.  Im want to eat like a normal person.. not count carbs or ANYTHING (the nutritionist had me following guidelines on my own, but she told me to do whatever I pleased when comfortable.. as long as I didn't loose weight). I have been doing this for about 3 weeks, not counting anything.. just following my intuition.

In principal 1 it is "reject the diet mentality" although I was never on a "diet" I did have the mentality, I labeled foods as "good" and "bad" and used the nutritional information as a guide to my choices.  I have been working on this a great deal. If I want a cookie for my morning snack, well you know what? I'll have it.. because the body is an amazing thing.. it evens out over time if you cooperate with it.  I always measured all my food too. I used measuring cups, food scales.. etc. I got sick of it, I mean whats the point? and I have stopped all of it. except for oatmeal.

I don't measure my oatmeal to keep the "portion in check"  or anything like that.  I like my 1:2 ratio.. 1/2 oats, 1 cup water. It gives me the consistency I like, and its satisfying (for the body and mind)

Now my question for you is: is measuring my oatmeal a diet mentality? or a personal preference?

When you make a recipe, most of the time you follow the guidelines- so it turns out right.  By doing so, you are not following a diet, you are simply making a pleasurable product... thats how I see it with my oats.  If I put a little extra in, so what.. I just wont be as hungry later.

So whats your opinion..? Should I continue to measure my oatmeal.. or just let it be? I'd like some advice :)


Anonymous said...

hey girl! great post!! okay-I measure my oatmeal because I like it thick so I need the ratio to work out-but if you think you are measuring in a restrictive way then i think it would be good for you to stop..it depends on your intentions :)


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