Monday, November 30, 2009


I love carbs... have I ever told you that?! Next to peanut butter and chocolate, carbs are my favorite thing!
I have a question for you.. What kind of bread do you use??? I don't use any "brand name" for a number of reasons.. 1) A lot of the time it is shipped across the country (bad for mother nature!) 2) icky preservatives to keep them fresh 3) at the local grocery store there aren't many organic bread brands.. and the ones that are available are often over 5 dollars. I get the fresh baked bread from Jewel!

They bake their bread every day, or every other day (I asked!) and they use all natural ingredients (which is good!) and its tasty too :)

Last night I had a very YELLOW dinner!

2 eggs scrambled (one on plate, the other on sammie.. with cheese) and an orange! Every week my family has "breakfast for dinner" I switch it up with omelettes, eggs and toast, and sammies!

I feel like I have been absent for sooo long.. I have tried so many new things.. so here's another review!

Reviewwww Time!
As I mentioned before, my local grocery store doesn't offer many organic brands.. and if they do they are EXPENSIVE! Bear naked granola (and other brands) go for about 5 dollars, and often last me only a couple weeks.  A month or so ago.. I bought a different granola! Quaker Oats offers a lot of "natural granola". I am not one to buy "low fat" things, so I bought this one..

Let me tell you one crazy thing about me.. I HATE coconut.. I cannot stand it! Weird right?! Now.. when I bought this granola.. I didn't look at the ingredient list. It has both coconut, and coconut oil. And guess what? I actually liked it! There is a subtle coconut flavor.. but not enough to turn me away! It is really sweet.. so it is perfect to be paired with greek yogurt.  When I use it with my sweetened yogurt.. I use less, but the crunch is still there! I give this a 8/10. I love the slivered almonds in it, I just wish it was a little less sweet
yumm. I had some today!

I hope you ladies have a wonderful night. I am off to make dinnah, shower, and ONE TREE HILL + GOSSIP GIRL (and maybe some more peppermint bark.....)


Janetha said...

mmmm agreed, i love me some carbs! bread and cereal are my faves!!!

Jenny said...

girl carbs are my middle name! a day isn't complete without oats, bread, and cereal :)

ktbwood said...

LOVEEEEEEE CARBS TOO! amen sista!! how did you like desperate housewives? i thought it was so great!

Lexi said...

thanks for commenting on my blog! can't wait to read more of yours <3

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