Sunday, November 29, 2009


We had our first flurries here today! I used to LOVE snow. I am a snowboarder (although I don't go as much as I used to). But now that I have to drive in it, I don't like it as much! I am terrified of slipping off the road. I drive like a total grandma in the winter, but I don't care! haha.  I got off of work early today! it was a lovely present :)
Last night my mom and I watched a movie. I wanted a mix of salty+sweet...

popcorn and hot chocolate.  Other than peppermint bark, hot chocolate is my favorite winter food!!
This morning I had a lovely bowl of oatmeal. One of my favorite combos. I shall call this "Strawberry Crumble Oats"

1/2 cup Oats
1 TBSP PB (mixed in)
1 Kashi Strawberry Cereal bar (crummmmbled)

I basically live off of everything kashi... I eat their heart to heart, and honey sunshine cereals. I have their bars and crackers A LOT... and I LOVE their pizza.  Maybe I should buy some stocks?! hahahha jk

I had a coupon for Nature Valley Nut Clusters.. and I decided to buy some!

They taste just like their peanut butter granola bars. I loved it! It was a little sweet, and salty. I loved the fact that they were in the little "clusters" because you could just grab one and pop it in your mouth! They were a perfect snack for work! a 9/10!

Well.. Im off to make some english muffin egg sammies, and relax the night away! have an awesome evening!!

Do you guys ever have "Breakfast for Dinner"?


jesslikesithot said...

Thanks for the comment girl!! Sooooo those oats sound delish. I loooove throwing a warmed soft kashi bar into the mix, the blackberry one is amazing!!! Try it?! :)

jesslikesithot said...

noooooo way!! i always keep 'em cold if i'm using yogurt!!!! i've made overnight oats before without the yogurt and just let the banana, cinn, oats & milk soak before and then re-heated and topped it with peanut butter in the morning! That was also delish! :)

Haylee said...

yum that oatmeal mixture sounds delicious!
Kashi is the best isn't it? I too absolutely love their cereals.
Speaking of breakfast for dinner, I'm going to take your egg idea and have some for dinner tonight! haha thanks:)

Jenny said...

ack, I love the snow - just hate the cold that comes along with it ;) if only it could snow in the summer time.. life would be perfect!

m'mmm, lovely bowl of oats!

ktbwood said...

thank you for that review-ive been wanting to try those! i wish i saw snow more than once every couple years here :)

and me and my mom always get the "are yall sisters" thing? haha we do look alike!

Janetha said...

katey send me your SNOW!!!!!!!

lizzy said...

Hi!!! I love your blog, it's so cute, and I really enjoyed your review of nut clusters...ill keep my eye out for them! Hope you have a great monday! xoxo!

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