Sunday, January 3, 2010

au revoir

Hello ladies! I have done a lot of thinking- and with the coming of the new year, I need a new beginning.  I believe truly, in order for myself to approach food normally, food blogging isn't going to continue to be a positive thing for me.  Now, I know for many of you it is a wonderful asset to your recovery, and I encourage you to continue with it.  But for me, I just have no love for it anymore. I don't really like thinking about blogging, what meals to put together, and taking pictures,  I have just lost my passion, it has become more stressful than an enjoyment. I need some time to pull everything together, and finally adjust to this new way of life. Awhile back I thought about switching over to a new site- I put it together and everything, and one day I will come back.  But this blog, is dunzo (sorry to the laguna reference!).  I know a lot of you find my posts and meals inspirational, and I still want to help you. You can contact me any day, and any time at I still have all of you on google reader, expect many comments from me, because I do love you all!



Jenny said...

oh sweetie you know I support you in all of your decisions. I'm so proud of you for doing what's best! Always here for you, k? never forget that! Love you! xoxo

Tara said...

Aw girl I will miss you! But I am glad you are doing whats best for you, I hope one day you will come back with a non food blog , but for now take care, enjoy yourself, and find inner peace! Keep in touch! <3 <3 <3
ps the reason you are leaving is the reason I do not have a food blog, I struggled through and ed myself and it would be too stressfull to be constantly thinking about my food and its pix. I do find other peoples posts inspirational, and have come to, in the short time i have been around, love blogging! reading writing everything! Well if you ever need a thing im here for you so please dont hesitate to send me an email! Lots of love =]

Eleanor said...

you have been a real inspiration and an incredible help to me, and your blog has been much visited ;) But if right now, blogging is not fulfilling your needs, if it isn't something you enjoy, which you've said it isn't, then taking a break from it is the best choice for you. I'm glad you're being good to yourself by understanding your needs and doing what's going to best support your recovery journey.

My love and support is with you, as are my thoughts and wishes for your health and happiness.

Take care of yourself, do what you love doing, and discover what it truly is that you want from life. I'm sure you're well on your way already, and I cannot wait to hear of your successes in the future. You have the world at your feet - you have the strength, the power, the courage, and the ability to do anything.

Love always,
Eleanor. xo

Anonymous said...

i'll miss you miss katey, but i totally respect you for doing what is right for you.
best wishes! i know you have an amazing year ahead of you :)
majorr love!

Anonymous said...

so sad :( but love that you are doing what you know is best for ou.. ill miss your blogigng, hope to hear from you sometime soon!


Anonymous said...

aw, i'm sad that you've decided to leave the blogworld, your blog was awesome while it lasted! i totally understand your decision to give it up though, i hope you'll be well and happy!

Anonymous said...

will miss you love! but we understand. love you :)

From Here to There. In Purple. said...

Hope youre doing well darling, thinking of you <3 And I support you

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